About Us

Going Out in Style

People are constantly setting themselves apart from traditional ways.
Especially car aficionados, they are always looking for other ways to be
 different from others.
When it comes time to depart from our loved ones and those around us,
this would be a perfect way for the car aficionado to express their love for cars.

  Cruisin Caskets is a car-shaped coffin that enables the car 
aficionado to rest in a true piece of art, personality and style. 

It may embody any make and style of car, ranging from classic 
muscle cars from the 50s to some of today’s most stylish models.
Patent No: US 6370744 B1

Fully functional casket with pull bearer bar and poles.

If the user chooses to invest in this unique piece of art while still alive, 
it may be utilized for alternative purposes, such as a cooler, 
before it is put to its permanent use. 
This ice chest conversion may be made possible by utilizing a replaceable liner kit.

 Inventor pictured above with cooler conversion model.